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A family story

I have often written that Suvereto is a magical place that remains in the heart. A holiday in Suvereto can turn into a family memory. It will be the combination of the charm of the medieval village, the friendly atmosphere that reigns in the village, good food and wine, proximity to the sea and beautiful beaches.

Especially for tourists who come from abroad, a stay in Suvereto certainly represents one of the ‘Italian experiences’ par excellence. I am always impressed when I welcome tourists from Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland. We are not talking about Rome or Florence.. but about a holiday in a small village.

I often ask myself: ‘how did they manage to find and choose it, among the many beautiful Italian villages?’ I’m always fascinated by the travel stories that guests often share with me, I think it’s one of the privileges of being an host. Being able to get in touch with other stories and contribute, in our small way, to generating new memories that will enrich the history of other families.

I want to tell you today the story of a beautiful Norwegian family. They book a week’s spring break many months in advance. They tell me their story. Sisters who bring their grandmother to the Casa nel Castello, who spent many summers on vacation in Suvereto together with her husband, Leif, who sadly passed away a few years ago. I discover that they have even stayed in my house, when it still belonged to the previous owners. Theirs is more than just a vacation…it’s a trip down memory lane.

This story enters my heart and I decide to leave them a small souvenir for Leif, a small watercolor depicting Suvereto. What they give me back is much more.. they share photos of their vacation with me, an old photo of their grandfather on the doorstep, and leave their feelings written in the guestbook, together with a beautiful drawing of the patio of the house.

‘Dear Diana and family, we have had the most amazing week in our beautiful house. We are 3 sisters and our grandmother traveling together from Norway. Our grandmother and grandfather spent every summer in Suvereto for more than 20 years, and they even rented this house from the previous owner. [..] This year we were so lucky to came back here with her, to experience ‘their’ Suvereto through her eyes and memories. Once we came here, we could easily understand why Suvereto became their dream destination and home away from home. This little city is truly special! […] Suvereto will always be special for us and our families and we look forward to coming back again one day.’

From the guestbook

With their permission, I have chosen to share some of these images… to try to convey what for me is the heart of hospitality. A form of love, of sharing, of getting to know other like-minded people.. who we may never meet.. but who cross my story for a small amount of time and share a part of it.

One of the most beautiful gifts I can ask for from my Home, the possibility of enriching my life and the memory of other people. A journey that is more than a vacation… a memory that will resist our hectic life generating lasting images.

The care that I put into every detail of the house is aimed at this … to try to make everyone feel ‘at home’, regardless of the km they have traveled to get here.

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