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Airbnb hosts get together

On Sunday 2 October, accompanied by a mild day and a beautiful sun, the first in-person meeting was held between the Airbnb hosts of the Etruscan Coast of Airbnb. As Airbnb Community Leader for the Etruscan Coast, I had the pleasure and privilege of organizing a meeting between the hosts.

It was an important moment of sharing and comparison between people united by an interest in hospitality and for this land.

The location that hosted us made this meeting even more memorable. This is the Podere La Gualda Vecchia, in Monteverdi Marittimo, a structure managed with passion and love, attentive to the territory and sustainability, all values ​​that I share and that the entire Community shares.

The common goal is to offer our guests a valuable experience of the territory, aware that ‘slow’ and quality tourism benefits the whole territory and not just the hosts. The Etruscan Coast contains numerous treasures to be discovered: beautiful villages, beaches and museums as well as concerts and attractions for the whole family. To spread culture and beauty, a shared work of all is necessary and I am happy, in my small way, with this first step taken together.

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