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Around the village – Discovering the Gattabuia bar

Also known as ‘da Paolino’

Paolino is the owner of the historic bar that welcomes tourists and Suveretani right under the walls of the village. This is the La Gattabuia bar. Located right next to the town gate, you can’t help but notice it, with its tables outside in summer and winter and with the green curtains always open. Yes, because this small bar is striking for its strategic position, right in front of the tree-lined square (and the children’s playground… in my case of greatest interest given the age of my children!), but afterwards you keep coming back for the its timeless charm, for the chatter exchanged while drinking coffee, for the kindness of the staff.

‘Paolino’ is in fact flanked by the smiling Aurora and Farida. The bar has been open since 1998 and Paolo is keen to underline that nothing has changed inside since then. The vintage and other-time charm has remained intact. Only with Covid was a large window opened overlooking the street to allow you to have pastries and coffee without entering the bar, and this still remains. The window allows you to feel ‘on the street’ even when you eat inside the bar and to chat even from a distance with anyone who comes out for a coffee. But the bar is above all famous for ‘the donkey, a cocktail of their invention, composed of sparkling wine and Martini bitters’. On summer evenings, when you spend time in the square chatting, it’s a must not to be missed… and the bar remains open even after dinner. There is no doubt that the bar is a point of reference for the local community and for tourists who wish to live an authentic experience.

You should know that this is also one of the few bars where my children come alone to order breakfast to take home when I want to stay in bed! A luxury that I can only allow myself here in Suvereto, a quiet town where I know that children will also be welcome at the bar to pick up a bag full of croissants to take home.

All you have to do is sit at a table, leave the phone and let yourself be enchanted by village life and the sound of bells in the background!

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