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Cava Beach and Via dei Cavalleggeri

My favorite place near Piombino

There is a route where I love to return over and over again in different seasons of the year and which never ceases to fascinate me. This is the Via dei Cavalleggeri, the path that from Salivoli reaches the Gulf of Baratti, running along the sea and offering breathtaking views. The name of the route evokes an ancient past: the cavalrymen were in fact the sentries, soldiers on horseback who for centuries traveled this path monitoring the surrounding territories. The road was in fact strategic to prevent attacks from the sea, controlling the arrival of pirates from the sea. The ancient route connected Piombino with Livorno. The route winds through lush Mediterranean scrub, skirting ancient watchtowers and archaeological remains that tell the story of the exploits of the ancient peoples who inhabited these lands, from the Etruscans to the Romans.

Departing from Salivoli – discover the Big Bench

Starting from Salivoli, a picturesque hamlet of Piombino, you immerse yourself in an environment rich in colors and scents, with the sound of the sea accompanying every step along the way. Crossing Mediterranean scrub forests and overlooking cliffs overlooking the sea, you are enchanted by the uncontaminated beauty of nature. Go past the large bench, ‘the big bench’, and take a photo in front of the sea. The bench is number 150 in Italy, created with the support of the ‘big bench community project’ foundation. It is an installation that invites you to ‘become children again’ by rediscovering the landscape in a different way, comfortably resting on a giant bench. And you feel even smaller in front of the sea. Then continue your journey crossing the Mediterranean scrub and skirting enchanting bays.

Cava Beach

Cava beach is one of the first stops on the route but to reach it it will be necessary to descend among the rocks in a rather adventurous way. A rope facilitates descent and ascent. The pebble beach has crystal clear water, is very quiet and has numerous ‘huts’ and buildings made of stone and recycled materials that invite you to stop. It’s like being on a desert island! I leave you some photos taken on this beach, perfect even out of season for a relaxing dip protected from the wind. Continuing the route there are many other beaches, which I will tell you about in the next blog posts.

Finally, the coveted destination of the Gulf of Baratti. Here, you find yourself faced with a timeless spectacle: the crystalline waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are tinged with turquoise shades, while the profile of the ancient Etruscan ruins stands out against the sky. This magical place contains centuries of Etruscan history, with the remains of ancient necropolises that testify to the importance of this land since ancient times.

An Experience to Live

For those who want to experience a unique and unforgettable adventure, the Via dei Cavalleggeri of Piombino represents an unmissable opportunity. Between ancient paths and breathtaking views, this road offers a journey through the history and nature of the splendid Etruscan Coast.

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