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The Emotional Garden of the Sentieri di Piume, inside the Podere La Gualda Vecchia, is a unique space that mixes dynamic linearity and sinuous paths, creating a timeless dimension where visitors can lose themselves. Founded on ancient symbolisms and energy centers, the garden embraces the fundamental elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air.

The garden is divided into different areas, each with its distinctive character. The labyrinthine flowerbeds at the entrance, adorned with flowering grasses and sculptural totems, welcome visitors. The ornamental vegetable garden, with local stone terraces and a variety of edible and aromatic plants, invites you to discover authentic flavors and aromas.

The Water Square celebrates the water element with plants such as calla lilies, papyrus and bamboo, creating an environment of pure serenity. The Kingdom of Fire represents the heart of the garden, a symbol of conviviality and family union, with a large circular brazier and reddish-toned plants. Sound is also present, carried by the breeze through the bamboo canes. The Parterre marks the arrival and invites contemplation and rest, allowing visitors to rediscover inner peace and connection with nature.

The garden is open all year round by appointment, offering guided tours and the chance to explore this extraordinary and evocative place. If you want to book your guided tour, contact me and I will be happy to do it for you!

Here you can find my blogpost while this is the garden website.

My advice? Always combine your visit with a trip and lunch in the village of Sassetta.