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Gallorose animal park

Pappagallo al Parco Gallorose

Did you know that near Cecina you can immerse yourself in a luxuriant nature and take a trip to Africa, America, Oceania?

This is the Gallorose Park, an ambitious project by a private individual who has dedicated the large land of his farm to the protection of biodiversity. It is therefore not a classic zoo but a journey of about 3 km that winds through the five continents and their animals.

In a true oasis of greenery and shade (about 14,000 trees and shrubs have been added to the existing olive trees over the years), more than 150 wild species and domestic breeds of Mammals and Birds are housed. Among the wild species you can observe groups of red giant kangaroos, Bennett’s wallaby, Nile lichi (rare Sudan antelope), sitatunga, barbary ape, crested cebo, fennec fox and giant flying fox, and just to remain among the mammals, species rarely seen in Italy such as the palm owl, the giant black squirrel, the swamp cat.

Birds represent a specialty of the Park which is home to five species of cranes, different species of geese, wild roosters, pheasants, cracidae, doves, parrots, even talking birds, birds of prey such as the white palm vulture, turacos, hornbills, cassowary, kokaburra etc. Surely, many you have never heard of them before .. as it happened to me!

The route ends in the Farm area, dedicated to domestic species, and is also home to those less known because they have been forgotten by intensive agriculture. Next to each area there are signs that explain the curiosities and characteristics of each different animal, as well as indications on the state of possible danger of extinction.

In the Gallorose Park there is a picnic area, a play area for children and a refreshment area.

The ticket has a low cost and the park is also open in winter, which makes it a perfect attraction for gloomy winter afternoons. I recommend visiting it if you are in the area, even without children possibly because it represents a pleasant diversion to learn more about nature and animals within a luxuriant nature.

You can find all the information directly on their website.

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