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Little Guide: Pizza in Val di Cornia


Welcome to the Little October Guide, a project curated with passion by Bruna and Diana, dedicated to the discovery of the gastronomic treasures in the picturesque Val di Cornia. This month we dive into the fascinating world of pizza, from traditional pizzerias to hidden gems that offer a modern twist, explore local excellence with us to ensure an unforgettable experience for all pizza lovers.

Get ready for a culinary journey that will take you through the history, tradition and innovation of pizza in Val di Cornia. Whether you’re passionate about crunchiness, gooey cheese, or unique flavor combinations, this guide will be your ideal companion as you explore and savor the best of pizza!

Botteghino – Canneto

In the heart of the Canneto castle the Maio family will welcome you. Diego, when he’s not playing the guitar or looking at the stars, prepares their delicious pizzas. Gigi always serves the tables with a smile and Rosella manages the entire kitchen where she prepares delicious appetizers and desserts. The pizza is thin, digestible but extremely tasty. Our favorites are Lucrezia and Diego!

Malindi – Marina di Castagneto

The location is the first thing that will amaze you: it feels like entering an enchanted world full of beautiful details and an infinite number of plants. Then the menu: in addition to the pizzas and the unmissable gins you can read a small excerpt from each person who works at Malindi. A blast! The pizza? Napoletana!

Dr. Dove Agripizza- Marina di Castagneto

At Dr. Dove every (local) ingredient has careful research behind it: from Tonnina anchovies to caper fruits. Sitting outside immersed in the pine forest is a joy for the eyes. Don’t miss tasting their craft beers: we tried the hemp one and loved it!

Rosetti – Cecina

Rosetti is now an institution: dough made with excellent flours and live mother yeast. If you are walking in the center of Cecina you can’t help but stop here for a stuffed flatbread, a slice of pizza or one of their fragrant sandwiches!

Re e Regina – Venturina

The kingdom of Gabriele and Maria, a gem on the Etruscan Coast. A light pizza, thanks to flours with low protein content and a special process, the “Parisse method”: a dough that rises up to 72/98, with the sole objective of achieving maximum lightness and digestibility. Gabriele even created his own oven together with IGF Fornitalia, which would meet his needs!

Bottega Dani – Cecina

Among the best pizzerias in Italy (78th place in 2022), going to dinner at Bottega Dani is like having a real tasting of new flavours. Forget what you traditionally call pizza and get ready for a real journey to discover new cooking methods, textures, consistencies and aromas. Unmissable!

Kaikna – Pizzaiolo a Domicilio

Emeline and Jarno travel to your home or to the location of your event to prepare the pizza made with sourdough, their ancient wheat and local products on site. Emeline conducts tireless research into excellent products and combinations that will amaze you!

Il Melograno – Suvereto

In the heart of the village of Suvereto, the Il Melograno pizza restaurant offers typical ancient and current recipes of the area with the use of local raw materials. The pizzas, with semi-wholemeal and cereal doughs, are offered with various classic toppings and some with the pizza chef’s fantasies, using top quality local products.

Here is the guide in downloadable format.

The Little Guide are made by La Casa nel Castello and La Gualda Vecchia.

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