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Home décor

A house remains in the memory also for all the objects that compose it. I like to think of it as an organic set of elements that, like an orchestra, has no instrument out of place.

In the Casa nel Castello you will find many pieces of furniture that I have recovered and relocated because they belonged to my family or to my husband’s Sicilian family and many other things have been purchased over time at the markets.

I would like to share with you other details about the house: as you will see if you stay here, I have a special passion for tiles, ceramics, and Sicilian puppets. In Holland, on the other hand, I purchased the hot air balloon that you will find in the green room, while the Mary Poppins illustration is a gift my grandmother gave me when the twins were born, so I am very fond of it. The arrangement of the objects changes periodically.

Try, change, experiment… look for the style you are most passionate about and let yourself be inspired in the personalization of your environment.