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Use of color

colori, palette cromatica, rosa antico

Color is the soul in the home. Inserted consistently within an environment, it can perform multiple functions: underline a passage or a wall, differentiate rooms, create harmony.

In La Casa nel Castello we used pastel tones, pink and green, to make the two bedrooms of the house unique and recognizable, both characterized by a beamed ceiling that has been painted white to give more light to the room.

The kitchen, on the other hand, uses shades of cream and butter, on which the Provence blue shutters stand out.

When we purchased La Casa nel Castello it was the white and dark brown that distinguished the environment. Instead, my goal was to renew the existing style while preserving its specificities.

We could define ‘borgo updated ‘ the style of the House in the Castle: a coexistence of elements typical of old Tuscan houses made more ‘soft’ and cozy through the use of pastel colors and in harmony, avoiding strong contrasts

If you too have a passion for the world of decorating or have felt the need to make some changes to your home, perhaps the time is right!

Pause to observe the colors currently present in your home and think if they are in harmony, with each other and with the furniture present, or if it is time to change something! If you need advice on creating a personalized moodboard with tones and colors that best suit your space, you can contact me.