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Visit to the Le Germandine farm

Perhaps not everyone knows that in the vicinity of Suvereto, located in an enchanting countryside, there is a family-run company specializing in the cultivation, harvesting and biological transformation of medicinal and aromatic plants. This is the ‘Le Germandine’ farm, a reality born in Liguria in 1993 and then moved to Tuscany in the midst of such beautiful nature that it alone is worth a visit to the company.

Le Germandine organize days dedicated to the botanical recognition of plants and their transformation that takes place directly in the laboratory (which can be visited), built in wood and straw according to the criteria of green building.Here you can find extracts, liqueurs, herbal teas, mellites, in addition to the fabulous Syrup of Rosa Gallica Officinalis.

Courses and workshops

In addition to the possibility of placing orders online, our advice is to take advantage of your stay in Suvereto to visit the farm (by appointment) and perhaps participate in one of their workshops. You can consult their website for any further details

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