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A creative kit to make your holiday even more special

A new service for all my guests: the possibility of requesting a tailor-made ‘creative kit’ with instructions, to stimulate creativity on holiday. You decide how and when to have fun. Take home your « creation »!

I am happy to be able to offer a new service to all my guests: the possibility of requesting a ‘creative kit‘ to be used during their stay in total freedom and autonomy. This new service comes from my experience in creating creative workshops with the CountryRelooking project and from having observed that very often we are unable to give free rein to our imagination simply due to lack of time, space, tools or because we are blocked by the fear of making a mistake.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’

Albert Einstein

So, during your holidays, we have the time to explore, to create without fear and to see where creativity can lead us.

A creative kit can be your ideal companion on this journey. It’s like a suitcase full of magical tools that allow you to capture your inspirations and ideas by translating them into action. It is possible to request the kit a few days before arrival and I will be happy to prepare it for you, together with a Workbook with instructions for making your own creations. Discovering the beauty and energy of creativity during the holidays can be a priceless gift. It’s an opportunity to ease tensions, abandon everyday habits and let the imagination be captured by the wonder of the new.

I present to you the kit ‘Create your shopper with stencils’

Inside the kit you will find a selection of adaptable stencils, each with unique and inspiring designs. The stencils are designed to allow you to decorate your shopper in a creative and effortless way. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting your creative journey, these stencils will give you the flexibility to create elaborate designs or simple pops of colour. Create your custom shopper in a few simple steps. Choose stencils that capture your attention and express your aesthetic. Position them on the shopper according to your preferences and give free rein to your creativity using colors and other decorations. Follow the detailed instructions in the workbook and let your shopper come to life under your hands.

Here are the photos of the shoppers made by my guests!

It is possible to choose between different types of creative kits:


Order your Creative Kit today and begin your journey of creative discovery. Whether you want to explore new techniques, spend quiet moments immersed in art or simply treat yourself to the pleasure of creating something beautiful and functional, these kits were born with the aim of unlocking the inexhaustible potential of your creativity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the emotion of creating something unique and personal. Book one of my Creative Kits and discover in total freedom and autonomy the joy of expressing yourself through art and craftsmanship, how and when you want!

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