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Piccola Guida: crazy about ice cream!!


Welcome to the guide to the best places to enjoy ice cream! This culinary journey will lead you through a world of fresh and creamy delicacies, where ice cream becomes an unforgettable experience. From charming artisan ice cream parlors to the modern creations of innovative chefs, we will explore places that transform simple ingredients into works of art worthy of being savored with attention to the use of fresh and quality ingredients.

Get ready to delight your palate with top quality ice creams, made with skill and passion. You will discover traditional ice creams, from the secret recipe handed down from generation to generation, and you will have the opportunity to experiment with new flavors that challenge the boundaries of tradition. Each venue tells a unique story through its flavors, giving you a taste of the culture and creativity behind every cone.

Whether you are an ice cream connoisseur or a curious person looking for new experiences, this guide is designed to take you on a discovery of places where the passion for ice cream and sweets is palpable in every creation. Get ready to immerse yourself in a delightful tour!

Il Gusto Giusto – Piombino

Golden milk, bread and oil, rose and peach, melon, mint and ginger, ricotta and figs, bread, butter and jam, Schiaccia Campigliese, peanuts from Val di Cornia. Seasonality and use of zero km raw materials. Gusto Giusto ice cream is sustainable and the result of continuous research to offer an experience that tells of the territory. From their website you can also order home delivery, as well as discover the history of this ice cream shop.

La Granita – San Vincenzo

Are you dying to taste a real Sicilian granita with a spoon, perhaps inside a brioche? At La Granita it is possible! They are not granitas but also ice cream, always of excellent quality, right in the center of San Vincenzo. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Il Gallo Golosone – Suvereto

This family-run ice cream parlor is located in the historic center of Suvereto. Having an ice cream here and enjoying it on the benches or on the tables in the center of the street is an unmissable experience for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of the village in the summer! Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Gelateria Dai Dai – Castiglioncello

Founded in 1984 by recovering an ancient family recipe, today Dai Dai sells millions of delicious ice cream works every year: not only the now famous cassatina, but also the morsels, tiles and other delights. Always maintaining absolute fidelity to its history and its artisan vocation. Visit their website and let yourself be conquered!

Bolgheri ti Amo – Bolgheri

Located in the village of Bolgheri, in the old building that housed the post office, this ice cream parlor offers carefully selected flavors in carabiners to preserve their freshness. The specialty of the house is the taste, Bolgheri ti amo, a cream with shortbread biscuits and caramelized pistachios. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Il Gelato di Cloe – Marina di Cecina

In Marina di Cecina, look for this artisan ice cream shop. Wide choice of flavours, ice cream cakes and a lot of research make it one of the reference ice cream shops in the country. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Conca d’Oro – Venturina

An institution in Venturina. This patisserie and chocolatier will delight you with its cakes and pastries. If what you are looking for is not just an ice cream but a sweet break, Conca D’Oro is exactly what you are looking for! To visit the website of this excellent chocolate shop, click here.

Il Gelato di Chiara – Campiglia Marittima

In the heart of the beautiful village of Campiglia Marittima, Chiara’s Gelato will amaze you with its refined flavors and seasonal ingredients. Some examples? Mint and Lemon, Figs and Almonds. Click here to visit the Facebook page.

Here is the guide in downloadable format.

The Little Guide are made by La Casa nel Castello and La Gualda Vecchia.

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