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Piccola Guida: how to regenerate

in Val di Cornia

138 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione star_border This month our Little Guide is dedicated to all those activities to discover when we feel the need to regenerate body and mind. An off-season holiday, in the spring months for example, is perfect for indulging in the luxury of a thermal bath, a nice massage or a walk in the woods. The mild temperatures help and there is no crowd or confusion around.

So here is our selection of activities that will allow you to regenerate in a few days and get back to work more energized than before!

TOMBOLO THA LASS O – Castagneto Carducci

Offers a wellness program, which can also be booked during the day, which winds through 5 pools of saline water at different temperatures and concentrations. The water comes directly from the sea, captured about 900 meters from the shoreline and is therefore zero km and absolutely pure. THALASSOTHERAPY is an ancient and effective method of relaxation and care, which uses the combined and synergistic action of all the resources of the marine environment. The path of the pools has a duration of 120 minutes, upon completion of this path for another 60 minutes, guests have access to the Finnish sauna, steam bath and relaxation area. It is also possible to have lunch directly on the beautiful terrace of the hotel.


The temperatures of the Natural Spring vary according to the external climatic conditions. The water flows constantly at a temperature of 36° at any time of the year. Families with children are also welcome at the Calidario. The internal Wellness Path is instead reserved for adults only: the Thermarium is a wellness program in an evocative and fascinating environment that introduces you to the past, to the times when the Etruscan people allowed themselves baths and treatments, a place to find harmony and well-being away from the frenzy of everyday life, savoring the pleasure of a dive into the past .


Immersed in a large park, surrounded by greenery, among woods of ancient chestnut trees and majestic oaks. The tubs and pools, inspired by the Etruscan and Roman architecture of the ancient baths, are fed by precious naturally hot water, which flows from an underground basin at a constant temperature of 51°C. Thanks to the particular concentration of sulphates, calcium, minerals and trace elements, our thermal water has therapeutic effects on the respiratory system, skin and musculoskeletal system. It is possible to combine treatments and complete the itinerary with an organic lunch directly in the structure.

MASSAGGI– Estetica Vanity – Suvereto

Massages, manicures, pedicures or other beauty treatments in a very nice and welcoming beauty centre. Tried it in person and super recommended!

YOGA – The Brunette Goes to Yoga – Venturina

Yoga takes us back to the core of who we are, to the root. You can book your yoga session in the yurt of the Ramè association in Venturina, with the teacher Gaia Ceccarelli.

FOREST BATHING – Parco di Montioni

Il ‘Forest Bathing’ è una pratica nata in Giappone. To experience the benefits, it is advisable to spend at least a couple of hours in a mature forest, such as the one you find in the Montioni Natural Park. Several scientific studies conducted in Japan and South Korea have demonstrated that some volatile substances, components of the essential oils produced by different species of trees (“Phytoncides” or monoterpenes), if inhaled in sufficient doses and for an adequate period of time, induce prolonged physiological changes in the human body such as reducing stress, blood pressure, boosting the immune system.

The practice consists of walks in the woods repeated on consecutive days, in order to breathe for several hours the air naturally enriched with the therapeutic volatile substances emitted by some species of trees. Even just one 2-3 hour session is enough to decrease your stress level.

The Small Guides are a project created in collaboration with Bruna de La Gualda Vecchia.

See you next month!


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