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Piccola Guida: Val di Cornia.. in Love

8 reasons to love Val di Cornia

December, a month of assessments and reflections, brings with it the desire to review with you the best Piccole Guides created together with Bruna del Podere la Gualda Vecchia during this year. We therefore present eight different angles from which to see the area, with the aim of providing you with tools to live an authentic experience by choosing the experiences you prefer. You can learn more about each topic in our Little Guides or on my blog.

1. History

The Val di Cornia has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has seen the presence of different cultures over the centuries.

One of the most important archaeological sites in the Val di Cornia is the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia. This park includes the ruins of an Etruscan city, Populonia, which was an important iron production center in ancient times. Here you can visit the Etruscan tombs, the city walls and the archaeological museum.

Another site of great interest is the San Silvestro Archaeological Mining Park. This park is located in the Colline Metallifere area and includes the ancient copper and silver mines that have been in operation since Etruscan times. Here it is possible to visit the underground tunnels, the extraction shafts and the remains of the mining buildings. Visiting these sites allows you to travel through time and discover the ancient civilizations that have left their mark on this fascinating valley. Here you will find all the information on the Parks.

2. Sea

The Etruscan Coast offers paradises for all tastes: beaches, rocks, hidden coves. To choose your favorite you can take a look at the ‘experiences’ section or the dedicated Little Guide.

3. Nature

The Biancane Geothermal Park is a spectacular example of what the nature of this area can offer. Rich in thermal springs, blowholes, forests and gentle vineyards. The possibilities for walks are many and vary with the passing of the seasons.

4. Explorations in the villages

Sassetta, Castagneto Carducci, Suvereto, Campiglia… the villages of the Val di Cornia seduce with their ancient charm. Exposed walls, alleys, breathtaking views… in the Experiences section you will find much more information to choose the most suitable one for your exploration. A complete tour of the villages can take a few days and my advice is to try to visit as many as possible, because each of them offers excellent restaurants, artisan activities and many characteristic corners in which to take photos.

5. Artisanal Passion

A small guide on this topic is also available here, to provide you with ideas and purchasing advice. Wooden cutting boards and games, ceramic decorations, recycling and reuse of materials… Each craftsman tells the story of the territory by reinterpreting it, giving life to unique artefacts.

6. Relax

A moment of well-being enriches the holiday in a valley that offers numerous thermal springs. We have created a Little Guide to help you choose your moment of relaxation.

7. Vineyards and Tastings

Val di Cornia is also famous for its wine cellars, which produce some of the finest wines in Tuscany. This region is characterized by a Mediterranean climate ideal for growing vines and the mineral-rich soil gives the wines a unique character. The wine cellars of Val di Cornia offer tasting experiences and guided tours, allowing visitors to discover the secrets of wine production and taste their products. Wineries are often located on beautiful estates surrounded by vineyards, offering a charming and relaxing atmosphere.

The wines produced in Val di Cornia range from typical Tuscan varieties such as Sangiovese and Vermentino, to international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Red wines are particularly appreciated for their structure and complexity, while whites are fresh and aromatic.

The wine cellars of Val di Cornia are also committed to the production of organic and sustainable wines, respecting the environment and the winemaking tradition of the region. Tenuta Casadei, la Suveraia, Bulichella, Petra are some possibilities in the Suvereto area. Bolgheri is now a renowned and famous destination for all enthusiasts and numerous other realities enrich the area. We have also created a Little Guide on this topic.

8. Restaurants

We have dedicated one of our latest Little Guides to Pizza, and we will soon take you to discover the best specialties of the Val di Cornia. Fish specialties to be enjoyed by the sea or game, wild boar and tortelli served in the restaurants of the villages. Campigliese squash and other specialties await you in Val di Cornia!

With this guide, which you can find below in downloadable format, we wanted to celebrate in just a few pages the beauty of this area but also of those who, every day, work to make it better.

Here is the guide in downloadable format.

The Little Guide are made by La Casa nel Castello and La Gualda Vecchia.

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