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Little Guide: Sea View


Welcome to the Small November Guide, a project curated with passion by Bruna and Diana, this month dedicated to the discovery of the most evocative ‘sea view’ glimpses of the Etruscan Coast. With these proposals we want to celebrate the authentic charm of the wild sea, the one we experience out of season, which has all the shades of blue, indigo and azure.

What is more romantic, relaxing and introspective than a walk by the sea, when there are no longer any beach establishments and everything is so wild that it makes you connect with the environment and consequently with yourself? Let’s set off together to discover the corners of our hearts and we are sure that they will soon become yours too!

1. Il Marinaio – San Vincenzo

The Sailor is a majestic bronze sculpture that stands imposingly, reaching a height of 7 meters. This work, created by the artist Talani, dominates the scene at the height of the suggestive promenade that winds along the sea, right in front of the San Vincenzo pier. Crossing that long stretch of road becomes a unique experience, as the road literally unravels in the middle of the immensity of the ocean, between the rocks.

2. Punta Falcone – Piombino

The Punta Falcone walk in Piombino is an authentic jewel to discover. This suggestive promontory presents itself as an enchanting oasis, offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lush Mediterranean vegetation and enjoy breathtaking views that extend over the enchanting scenery of the Tuscan Archipelago. Furthermore, during this walk, it is possible to explore ancient war garrisons that date back to the Second World War, offering an interesting window into history and an opportunity to reflect on the past.

3. Piazza Bovio – Piombino

Piombino boasts one of the most extraordinary and fascinating squares in Italy. This enchanting place captures attention with the majestic presence of the lighthouse, offering a panoramic setting that extends to the island of Elba. The presence of the Compass Rose, accompanied by numerous strategically placed benches, gives this square a unique atmosphere. Wonderfully located on a large rock spur that juts out towards the sea, this square is a true treasure chest of beauty and charm.

4. Via dei Cavalleggeri – Piombino

We have already had the opportunity to share information about this enchanting cove, but this time we would like to delve deeper into the wonderful panorama that opens up to those who venture along the suggestive Via dei Cavalleggeri. Follow the route on the dirt road heading towards Baratti and Buca delle Fate: along the way, make a stop at the majestic giant bench and then continue your journey. The view that opens up before you is simply stunning, a landscape that takes your breath away and captures your gaze, offering unique and unforgettable emotions.

5. Terrazza Mascagni – Livorno

The Terrace, dedicated to the famous composer Mascagni, seduces with its refined simplicity and elegance: a checkerboard flooring accompanies a delicate balustrade, and from there the gaze is lost in the infinity of the sea. It is a truly magical place, which reveals its maximum splendor especially at sunset, when the sky is tinged with suggestive shades and the view becomes an exciting and unforgettable spectacle.

6. Chiesa di San Cerbone – Populonia

In the suggestive Gulf of Baratti stands the picturesque Church of San Cerbone, which seems almost suspended over the blue sea. For us it is a real pleasure to immerse ourselves in a walk along this enchanting gulf, crossing the lush pine forest until we reach it. However, it is important to keep in mind that, despite the beauty of the place, it is common to find it closed.

7. Castello del Boccale – Livorno

A breathtaking view of the infinity of the sea and an enchanting location that offers emotions in every single season of the year: the Castello del Boccale in Antignano, Livorno, represents a place without equal, a true enchantment to be immortalized in photographs. The rocks shaped by the force of the sea surround a castle that seems to emerge directly from the waves, creating an atmosphere surrounded by the intense scent of saltiness. Every moment spent in this scenario is an experience that captures the soul and mind, offering a dive into the heart of nature.

8. Campiglia Marittima

From the suggestive alleys of the medieval village of Campiglia Marittima, the gaze embraces a landscape that extends from the surrounding nature to the vast sea. Among our favorite places, the marvelous mullioned window of the Rocca stands out, an authentic gem that captures the attention – and the photos! – of anyone who approaches it.

Here is the guide in downloadable format.

The Little Guide are made by La Casa nel Castello and La Gualda Vecchia.

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