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Little Guide: Craftsman of Val di Cornia

The November Guide created in collaboration with La Gualda Vecchia is dedicated to an important resource for the territory: the Craftsman.

“Craftsman” derives from “arte”, in Latin ars, artis, which indicated any material or spiritual ability. It was here in Tuscany that the first artisan shops were born, in 1500. The craftsman has the ability to draw inspiration from the surrounding environment to create something unique, something that carries a story within itself. The skilled and attentive craftsman creator is also the one with whom a human exchange is possible, thus creating experiences that are difficult to forget.

Here you will find only a selection, made with a preference for the variety of materials used.
In the Craftsman Guide of Val di Cornia, which will be published at the end of the month, you will find the exhaustive and constantly updated list. We would like this document to become a precious point of reference for those who want to discover the territory through the hands of those who transform raw materials with passion and skill here, those who want to take home an authentic memory of a holiday, those looking for valuables to embellish your home or as a gift to someone special. With a view to sustainability, investment in quality and the promotion of a network of excellence that share certain values.

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