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How was La Casa nel Castello born?

For those who asked me where we live, why Suvereto, how we found this house… here is our story told

It all starts with an unexpected twin pregnancy. At the time, 6 years ago, my husband and I had a 3-year-old son and the news of the twins caught us unprepared!

We immediately asked ourselves how much our lives would change… we would have to reorganize the house, change the car and then, as travel lovers that we are, how would we manage to go on holiday with five of us? Finding houses that accommodate large families at fair prices is not easy and at the same time we didn’t want to give up the weekends outside the city that we were used to.

This awareness gave us ‘the push’ to carry forward an idea that had been buzzing around in our heads for a while. Buying a house in a Tuscan village, a stone’s throw from the sea. Fate accompanied us, making us find in the beautiful village of Suvereto what was immediately nicknamed The House in the Castle!

Traveling through the streets of the village with the twin stroller wasn’t easy, but we immediately fell in love with this home, which we furnished with passion and according to our taste.

Once we finished our dream house we decided to include it in the Home Exchange circuit, to be able to travel all over the world simply by changing houses. It was and still is a holiday method that we love because it allows us to experience authentic holidays in ‘real’ homes.

The wonderful experiences we collected encouraged us to open the house to other guests too, via Airbnb. Here begins my adventure as a host, which over time has been enriched with new acquaintances, adventures and friendships.

Years pass, I become Community Leader of the Etruscan Coast and I enter a world of passion, a lot of work, the drive to get involved and improve. Over time I perfect my guide for guests, I create a column that collects the most interesting experiences and things to do in the area, I create a website for the house and to talk about life in the village. For me, who live in Florence, it is an act of love towards an area in which I see my children grow up during the holidays and in which I always feel at home. The instagram account @lacasanelcastello tells about the house, but also about me and my passion for home relooking (which was born precisely by renovating this house!).

The Mayor of Suvereto wrote to me a year ago to get to know me – struck by the passion with which I describe the territory – and thus beautiful collaborations were born. Guests appreciate my commitment and the care I convey towards my idea of ​​a holiday in contact with the territory, with a view to empowerment that enriches both the tourist and the local economy. I try to direct guests to restaurants, shops and local businesses. Over time, collaborations and shared experiences arise with other commercial entities. Creative workshops, events also in collaboration with Fai.

This year my husband and I decided to buy another house in Suvereto, to offer widespread hospitality, share the house with our friends… and who knows, over time this passion will bring even more beauty, projects and love into my family and our guests!