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Around Suvereto: the shops of the village

Let’s get to know the Haberdashery Immagine

A village is made up of people, stories, passion. Loving the life of a village means appreciating its slow pace, the possibility of talking and sharing stories with others, being open and curious. In a village you may think you have less choice, more limited options for shopping or for dining, a reduced number of activities… but in my opinion this is precisely the charm of a small town. The wide choice, the possibility of having everything and always can prove to be a cover for a life increasingly full of things but increasingly poor.

I live in Florence, but as soon as possible I escape to this city that I consider my adoption and I love shopping here instead of in the city. In the same spirit, I encourage tourists who stay in my house to buy in the small towns of the village rather than in supermarkets. I am therefore pleased to inaugurate a new section, dedicated to the activities of the village of Suvereto.. shops and restaurants. Because everyone deserves attention, everyone has a story to tell.

Let’s start our journey with the Immagine store, a beautiful haberdashery located right in the main street. The shop owner, Sabrina Salvadori, opened it in 1995 and since then she has created a beautiful world made of ribbons, clothing, buttons, fabrics of all kinds. Pop in here and try to ask for something, whether you have clear ideas or are looking for material for creative needle and thread work… we are sure you will be satisfied! Sabrina’s greatest satisfaction is in fact that of satisfying her customers, whether they are inhabitants of Suvereto or passing tourists. The shop is almost always open, often even on holidays, to help convey a lively and cheerful image to the village. With her windows always full of colors and hand-embroidered souvenirs I’m sure she does her job perfectly!

His greatest desire for the village is to be flanked by more and more commercial activities.. because a historic center lives thanks to the passion of those who dedicate themselves to it with love. Just like Sabrina does.