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Events in Suvereto

The Municipality of Suvereto, together with the local associations, presents the rich program of events for 2024, a mixture of confirmations and innovations designed to satisfy all visitor tastes.

Among the confirmations that always meet with great success, we find the unmissable events of “Calici di stelle” on 10 August, “Il Borgo dei Ragazzi” on 29 September and “Calici di San Silvestro” on 31 December, three events that bring enchantment in the heart of Suvereto.

But there are also many interesting news in store for you! Among these, the new “SUBER” wine festival stands out, a collaboration between the Municipality and the Suvereto – Val di Cornia Wine Consortium, financed through PNRR resources obtained by the Municipality itself thanks to the “Attractiveness of historic villages” tender from the Ministry of Culture. SUBER will take place from 26 to 28 April and promises to immerse you in the world of wine, involving not only the historic center but also the cellars and the suggestive surrounding rural area.

Still in the context of the “Attractiveness of historic villages” project, “ArtinBorgo” also returns on Sunday 13 October, a celebration of art and craftsmanship which, since its sixth edition, continues to enchant visitors, thanks to the collaboration of the Traders’ Association of Suvereto and the “Borghi” project.

We can’t forget the historical events that characterize the gastronomic and folkloristic tradition of Suvereto. From “Note di Vermentino” (21-23 june) to”Le serate medievali” (20-21 July), from “Sapori tra le mura” (23-25 Aug.) to “Sagra del Cinghiale” (24 November, 1 – 8 December), to the two “Pali delle Botti“, il “Palio di Santa Croce” 18 May e il “Palio dell’Imperatore” 13 August.

In short, Suvereto awaits you with a full program of events that will make your visit an unforgettable experience, in every season of the year!

All information on local activities can be consulted on the new Vivere Suvereto tourist portal.

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