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Around the village: we get to know the artisans

That leathermaker Diego, the Master of handmade shoes

A craftsman with golden hands lives and works in the village of Suvereto: Diego, better known as “Quel Pellaio di Diego”. His artisan workshop is a place where tradition mixes harmoniously with creativity, giving life to handmade shoes with impeccable attention to detail. On the road that leads to the Palazzo del Comune, you can’t help but stop and browse in his shop.

In Diego’s world, every single creation is the result of meticulous and passionate work. His art is expressed through hand stitching, an ancient gesture that gives his works an aura of authenticity and prestige. In the “Maremma” line, the uppers are fixed together with machine stitches, but it is the finishing touch by hand that makes them truly unique. The entire manufacturing process takes place with artisanal care, guaranteeing 100% handmade leather shoes.

But it is in the classic line that Diego’s skill is revealed in all its mastery. The rubber insoles and lugs are sewn exclusively by hand, a detail that gives his creations a timeless elegance. The secrets of his art have their roots in the Middle Ages, when the seams were hidden to ensure the durability of a pair of shoes. This same principle still guides Diego’s work today, who assembles uppers, insoles and soles with hand stitching, guaranteeing superior resistance and quality.

His dedication to craftsmanship extends to a wide range of products. In the “Maremma” line, it creates classic boots, work and riding boots, and the iconic buttero boots. For the classic line, it offers brogues, oxfords, “clarks” and every type of tailor-made shoe to satisfy the desires of its customers.

But Diego’s skill doesn’t stop there. With the historical line, it transports us back in time, creating faithful reproductions of shoes from the 1200s and 1300s, for both men and women. His models, inspired by the life of the people and nobles of the time, are testimony to his love for history and traditional craftsmanship.

“Quel Pellaio di Diego” is much more than a simple artisan workshop. It is a place where the passion for the craft combines with the search for perfection, giving life to works of art that tell stories of tradition and timeless beauty.

Pic by Katarina Sevcikova