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Smart working in the village?

Why choose Suvereto to work remotely

In recent years, smart working has gained increasing popularity as a flexible and efficient way of doing work. But if we initially associated this practice with large cities and modern offices, today we are witnessing a new trend: smart working is also spreading to villages, transforming these communities into ideal places to work, live and enjoy a better quality of life .

Why the Villages?

Villages like Suvereto offer a unique and fascinating environment, characterized by breathtaking landscapes, a peaceful atmosphere and a strong sense of community. These places have always been attractive for those who wish to escape the frenzy of the big cities and enjoy a more relaxed and authentic lifestyle, a mild climate and – why not, excellent food.

The advantages of working in Smart Working in a village

  1. Quality of Life: Far from metropolitan chaos, the villages offer cleaner air, open spaces and a slower pace of life, allowing you to find a better balance between work and private life.
  2. Reduced Costs: The costs of living in villages tend to be lower than in large cities, allowing for significant savings for both people and businesses.
  3. Connection with Nature: Villages are often surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, offering the opportunity to explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities during free time.
  4. Welcoming Community: In the villages, it is common to find a strong support network and a sense of belonging to the community, which can be extremely valuable especially for those moving from other cities.

Working Smart at the House in the Castle

In the last two years I have hosted many people who have chosen Suvereto as the ideal destination to stay for 1-2 weeks to work remotely. The House in the Castle offers a fast wi-fi connection and the choice between three different work zones. The upper floor, with the small marble desk under the window, the kitchen area with the internal table and the veranda space, welcoming and warm even in winter on the milder days that this corner of Tuscany often offers.

Especially foreigners, Germans and Swiss, love to combine Smart Working with a rural, slower and more relaxed lifestyle. They enjoy the village and the sea during free hours, out of season and away from the stress generated by tourism.

I hope that more and more people will be able to use this innovative working method to enjoy a different pace and style of life and come to know destinations that they would otherwise have probably only passed through in passing in the context of a classic tourist holiday.

A few days ago I myself went to work at Smart at the Casa nel Castello. I was in the garden, in silence and stillness, and I was joined by a cat who lay down next to me. We kept each other company for a while and shared a different way of experiencing the garden and the village.

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