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Piccola Guida: Val di Cornia ‘influencer’

The best profiles to follow to discover the area

Do you love social media and use them to discover places to visit and things to do? This month with our Little Guide we thought we would offer you a full ‘social’ immersion in the Val di Cornia area, suggesting the most interesting Instagram profiles to follow. to capture every detail.

The beautiful village of Campiglia offers interesting itineraries and views for all travelers who wish to discover authentic places in Val di Cornia. Suggestive photos, stories and practical advice make this profile an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who dream of exploring the village of Campiglia Marittima and beyond.

@mettiubeche If you love views from above, you can’t miss @mettiubehce. This talented drone pilot captures the beauty of the Val di Cornia from unique angles, offering breathtaking views that will make you feel as if you are flying above the hills and picturesque villages.

Thomas is realizing his dream of bringing music everywhere. With his ‘transportable’ piano, which he designed, he goes to the most unexpected places to play classical music in the midst of nature. From the Gulf of Baratti to the village of Suvereto, travel in Val di Cornia in his company and his piano!

It’s not over! We would like to point out other profiles that publish beautiful images of the Val di Cornia.

@LidaB_ph – tells her story of Piombino with beautiful photographs, unpublished angles and a lot of love. His is the photo on the cover.

@francethemagic – beautiful photos of travels around the world alternate with shots taken in her homeland.

@alessiomontagnani_ -another young photographer from Piombino who tells unpublished corners of the territory through his shots.

@discovercastagnetocarducci – Emanuele Creatini gave life to this project, currently at a standstill but equally interesting, which concerns the story of the Castagneto Carducci area. In the profile you will find recipes, curiosities and popular legends

With a hint of egocentrism, I would also like to include my profile and that of Bruna – co-author of the Piccole Guides with me – among those to follow if you love Val di Cornia. With our story we try to spread values of beauty and care of the territory, to fuel the curiosity of those who want to spend a different, satisfying and authentic holiday. Go check it out @lacasanelcastello e @lagualdavecchia if you still didn’t do it!

Whether you are passionate about adventure, gastronomy, history or simply lovers of visual beauty, the social profiles we have told you about will take you on a timeless journey through the Val di Cornia. Don’t miss the opportunity to virtually explore this fascinating region and be inspired by its wonders. Happy digital travel!

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