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A new House in the Castle is about to be born in Suvereto!

The renovation of the new house in the village is underway

I am thrilled to announce the start of renovation work on a new house in the historic center of the village of Suvereto. I talked about it here. The love for this country and the desire to offer more and more choice to our guests looking for a quality stay pushed us to purchase another apartment, which we immediately fell in love with. Unlike the House in the Castle and the Secret Garden, this house will be called The House in the Castle and the Terrace on the Borgo. and from the photos you will understand why!

The house could not have had a better inauguration than the Insta_InsiemeaSuvereto event. I will dedicate a separate post to tell you about this magical weekend spent in the village together with this passionate group of women and men from all over Italy who gathered in Suvereto to celebrate friendship beyond the web, beauty and creativity. However, I will leave you some photos of the housewarming.

As you will have seen, the house overlooks a pedestrian street which culminates in the terrace/veranda of the apartment. From here the atmosphere is magnificent and you are literally immersed in the life of the village and once you have experienced this sensation you will never want to leave, I’m sure of it. This holiday home will join the first to offer stays with different characteristics to guests looking for a quality holiday in Suvereto. High attention will be given to the quality of sleep, the choice of colors and materials, the recovery of the existing tradition with a view to a sustainable and original renovation. Guests here will also find works by artisans and artists which they can purchase upon request. It will also be possible to try your hand at creative DIY by requesting a kit which I will be happy to provide to anyone staying in one of my apartments. There will be time to tell you all this news!

I will be happy to share with you all the steps of the renovation and relooking of the house on my website dedicated to creativity:

I would like to thank two important partners without whom the project could not have been so stimulating for me.

Housing Feng-shui in the construction of the House in the Castle

I’m talking about Silvia Maderna, Ben-abitare. i t, a friend and professional with great taste and like me a lover of recovery and the search for original and low-cost solutions. The exchanges of photos, inspirations and advice with her have been almost daily in recent months and above all her contribution has been fundamental with a view to a design that responds to the principles of Feng-Shui.That’s right… the new House in the Castle will be built following the principles of this important discipline aimed at living well-being and beyond. If you are curious to find out what Feng.Shui consists of, I recommend you follow the CountryRelooking website or my Instagram page, where you will find other information and practical examples over time.

Fleur Paint and the decorative techniques you will see ‘in the field’

Another important partner who will support me in the construction of the house is Fleur Paint. I decided to rely entirely on Fleur products after trying them for furniture and other creative projects because I was fascinated by the high quality, durability and color range offered. Using Fleur we will paint the whole house (with Lime Paint), the kitchen and other furniture (with Chalk Paint) and we will make decorations with cement and stencils. Also in this case, if you are passionate about decorative themes, I invite you to follow me on the creative pages to find out more.

For all lovers of the area and holidays… all you have to do is wait a few months to see the new holiday home ready! I remind you that bookings for The House in the Castle and the Secret Garden are open for 2024 and there will be special offers for those who manage to come in Spring!

I am happy to start 2024 with this post and with many new projects and I would like to thank the wonderful guests who have stayed in Suvereto over time, appreciating my love for the village and for the house. I’m sure you’ll also love these news, and who knows, maybe they won’t encourage you to come back and visit me soon!

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