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The House in the Castle and the Terrace on the Village

A new refuge awaits you in Suvereto

This blog post was created as a thank you to all those who stayed at the Casa nel Castello in my first 5 years as a host. Hosting families, couples, friends, people from all over the world has truly enriched my life. I didn’t believe that buying a house in a village could be a source of so much personal satisfaction.

From the renovation to the relooking of the house, every aspect of the management of the house, the writing of the Little Guides, the blog posts that I share with guests, everything was born from this beloved home that you too have discovered over time, by staying there or through my stories on social media. All enriched by the charm of a timeless, lively and authentic village.

From this love was born our second little madness, the purchase of another beautiful house, with its own identity and soul, very different from the first but no less fascinating. It is a house in the historic center, near the Cloister, with a beautiful terrace/veranda overlooking a road closed to traffic. A perfect small stage to breathe the slow rhythms of life in the village.

I am thrilled to inaugurate the start of the (small) renovation and restyling work on the new house on the occasion of a special event, on which I have been working for some time together with other tireless and creative women: Paola, Virna and Valeria. This is the #insta_insiemeasuvereto gathering, which I will tell you about later and which will be held in Suvereto from 29 September to 1 October. On this occasion I would ideally like to ‘cut the ribbon’ to inaugurate this new adventure, which I will tell you about step by step and which would not have happened if I had not received appreciation and trust from all of you.

The new house will soon be included on the site, because this too will in all respects be a House in the Castle. I can’t wait!

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