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A new look for the gas box

A botanical transformation by Alessandro Marchese

In daily life, we often overlook the functional elements that surround us, such as the gas tank placed outside our home. However, sometimes, a touch of creativity can transform even the most ordinary of objects into a work of art. Today I want to tell you how Alessandro Marchese transformed a simple gas box into a small botanical garden, adding a touch of beauty to my house and to the village street.

Those who follow the Casa nel Castello Instagram profile have had the opportunity to appreciate the relooking work through posts and reels, but I would also like to share it on the blog.

Who is Alessandro

Alessandro Marchese is an artist from Palermo who I was lucky enough to have as a guest in Suvereto for a few days. ‘The Marchese‘ is a multifaceted artist, art teacher at school and designer, with a thousand talents. He personalizes bags and clothes with his decisive and unmistakable style; at the same time he creates beautiful mise en place for weddings, handwritten invitations, paintings or painted scarves also on commission. In his Instagram profile there are many references to Sicilian culture. The beautiful thing about Alessandro is also his ability to adapt to the context that will accommodate his art. This is what makes it even more unique in my eyes.

Our inspiration for this project therefore came from observing the monotony of the everyday objects surrounding his home. The gas box, a functional but not very aesthetic element, proved to be the perfect canvas.

The transformation

We then decided to use the botanical theme as the basis for his artwork. With patience and literally sitting on the street he began to paint leaves and branches on every surface of the gas box. The result was surprising. The green leaves blended perfectly with those of the surrounding plants, creating an effect of continuity between the plant world and the functional element.

The Magic of Details

What really makes this project special are the intricate details that Alessandro added. Each leaf has been painted with care and attention to colors and shades, moving from the darkest ones in the background to the lightest ones, giving the impression that vegetation is growing directly from the gas box.

Art everywhere

This ‘art attack’ did not go unnoticed. Some inhabitants of Via Cavour were fascinated by the transformation of the gas box and immediately nicknamed it ‘The Painter’. This project not only made a usually unattractive element more pleasant to look at, but also stimulated curiosity and appreciation for art.

The transformation of the gas chest from a functional element to a beautiful work of botanical art is an example of how creativity can brighten our daily lives. Alessandro has demonstrated that even the most banal objects can become works of art, all it takes is a pinch of imagination and commitment. His gas box now reminds us that beauty can be found everywhere, we just need to take care of it.

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