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Pocket Guide: the winter flora

With the December Guide, created as always in collaboration with La Gualda Vecchia, we admire nature and celebrate it in all its magic. These pages are in fact dedicated to flowers and plants that you can find in Val di Cornia in the month of December. The beautiful photos are taken by Bruna and invite the word that for us should represent the month of December: Wonder.

The magic of Christmas that is approaching, nature that changes and transforms itself, the territory of the Val di Cornia, were our source of inspiration for this month’s Little Guide, dedicated to the gifts that Nature gives us every winter, if we just stop to observe it. Consumerism has made us all more compulsive in our purchases and our feed is full of wonderful ideas to give for Christmas.. but let’s not forget that even in winter nature works, more slowly but perhaps for this reason in an even more fascinating way. Here are some blooms that you can find in the Val di Cornia in Winter: Berretta del Prete, Corbezzolo, Pungitopo… and others. As always, I leave here the downloadable PDF version and some images.

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Below, you will find the downloadable file of the December guide. Enjoy!

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