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Il Parco delle Biancane

An evocative journey to discover geothermal energy immersed in a unique landscape, between white and red rocks and geysers

The Biancane Geothermal Park is a natural area located in southern Tuscany, in the municipality of Monterotondo Marittimo, about half an hour from Suvereto.

It covers an area of about 700 hectares and represents one of the most important areas in the world for the production of geothermal energy. The park consists of a set of wells, springs, fumaroles, lakes and volcanic craters, all connected by a system of paths and nature trails. The term ‘biancane’ is widely used in Tuscany and indicates the areas where the rocks are white, contrasting with the surrounding area. A similar phenomenon can be observed in the Sienese area, in the so-called ‘Crete’, but the geological reasons underlying the color in that case are different from the ‘biancane’ which can be observed in Monterotondo.

The Biancane Geothermal Park offers visitors a unique experience, thanks to the presence of numerous paths that allow you to explore the area on foot or by bike (there is a bike rental not far from the park entrance). Furthermore, there are some vantage points from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding Tuscan hills surrounded by steam. The area is characterized by the presence of unique geological phenomena in the world, such as i fumaroles, thermal springs, boiling mud pools and bubbling waters. One of the most spectacular phenomena of the Biancane are the fumaroles, or emissions of gas and water vapor that are released from the subsoil and create columns of smoke.

map of trekking routes

The Biancane Park is part of the extended Geopark systems of the Metalliferous Hillswhich includes a vast area characterized by significant and very varied geological phenomena that embraces over seven municipalities; from Scarlino, to Follonica to Massa Marittima, there are numerous ‘gates to the park’ from which it is possible to undertake visits and excursions. On the site of the Colline Metallifere National Park you will find numerous proposals and excursions already created for you that you can book or simply read to give you new ideas to spend a different day immersed in a unique nature. Below you will find a downloadable map of the park.

250 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione Let’s go back to the Biancane Geothermal Park: the trekking routes are very simple and also suitable for children who will be delighted by the colors of the rocks that change suddenly, from white to bright red… from the Moon to Mars! All surrounded by steam and small lakes. The vegetation gives its best in the autumn months, when the false heather is in bloom, but the visit is always fascinating, as you can see from the photos I took in the month of February. Along the way you will find some benches where you can stop for a picnic and enjoy the beautiful panorama, which on clear days stretches as far as the Island of Elba! It is possible to extend the walk up to Sasso Pisano, where you can taste the typical beer produced with the use of geothermal energy.

The Biancane park, a resource for the area

The Biancane Geothermal Park represents an important resource for the Tuscan territory, both from a tourist and energy point of view. In fact, the area has been exploited since the Middle Ages for the extraction of thermal water, which was used for therapeutic purposes. Here in 1777 the presence of boric acid was discovered, used to treat some eye diseases. Today, geothermal energy is used to produce electricity and to heat homes, making Tuscany one of the most advanced regions in this field. Geothermal energy is a renewable and clean source, which does not produce greenhouse gas emissions or other polluting substances. Furthermore, geothermal activity has a very limited impact on the environment, as the extraction wells are small in size and well integrated into the landscape.

The Biancane geothermal park has now become a point of reference for sustainable tourism, which seeks to reconcile the discovery of the territory with the protection of the environment and natural resources. I recommend everyone to spend a day here and take the opportunity to explore the nearby village of Monterotondo Marittimo. Find other interesting information about the park and its geological formation by exploring this page. The stop at the MUBIA multimedia museum is very interesting, where it is possible to experience the thrill of a virtual journey into the depths of the Earth to discover geothermal phenomena and try one of the numerous interactive stations for in-depth analysis. A fantastic GeoNave allows you to travel up to 7 km deep to discover the wonders of the Biancane subsoil. The museum is closed in February.

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