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Tenuta Casadei, an excellence a few steps from Suvereto

Let’s discover the estate and the organic-integral philosophy

A stone’s throw from the village of Suvereto there are numerous wine cellars. Each of these tells a story of passion and dedication, work and experimentation which over time has led to excellent wine productions. A trip to Val di Cornia cannot be considered complete if it does not include a visit to one of the numerous wineries that offer wind tasting courses and numerous other activities.

Today I want to present to you a reality that amazed me for the care – also architectural – of the spaces and the landscape, as well as for the philosophy behind its activity.

Artisanal Winemaking

One of Tenuta Casadei’s distinctive features is its commitment to artisanal winemaking. Winemaking here is an art, and every step of the process, from harvesting the grapes to maturation in wooden barrels, is performed with skill and dedication. Guests are invited to participate in guided tours of the cellars and wine tastings, where they can discover the excellence of the Tuscan wines produced on the estate. The cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petit verdot, merlot, grenache, mourvèdre, syrah and muscat grapes are harvested by hand as they used to do in the past.

The BioIntegral Philosophy

Tenuta Casadei embraces the BioIntegrale philosophy, which is based on principles of sustainability, respect for nature and terroir and the desire to create high-quality products that reflect the authenticity of the place. This approach translates into organic agricultural and wine production, in the conservation of the surrounding ecosystem, in respect of the eco system, all in a long-term vision that harmonizes production needs with the need to minimize the intervention of the man. The BioIntegrale method is a real philosophy of thought and production that I invite you to discover directly from the Estate’s website.

Some shots of the winery tour. Every internal and external detail is the result of research and reflects the care that the estate puts into its product.

Activities Offered: from tasting to picnics in the vineyard

Tenuta Casadei offers a wide range of activities, designed to immerse guests in the culture and beauty of Tuscany. You can find the PDF with all the activities and their prices at the bottom of the post. The experiences range from the classic tasting tour to discover the BioIntegrale philosophy, to more particular activities, designed to experience the estate in a different and original way.

The picnic in the vineyard is undoubtedly my favorite activity. The estate delivers a map of the vineyard to participants along with a basket with everything needed for a picnic (plus a bottle of wine of course!). Guests are free to walk among the rows, in the garden, around the lake and stop to eat wherever they like in absolute freedom. It’s a perfect way to connect with nature and enjoy the tranquility of the Tuscan countryside.

For those who have children or are looking for a more ‘comfortable’ and romantic solution, the carriage tour among the rows is undoubtedly another very special activity. My children were enchanted by the horses on the estate and never wanted to leave them!

Tenuta Casadei in Suvereto is an extraordinary place that combines the natural beauty of Tuscany with a passion for wine and sustainability. Anyone looking for an authentic and rejuvenating experience should put this destination on their bucket list. The estate offers not only the possibility of tasting exceptional wines, but also of discovering the richness of Tuscan culture and contributing to respect for the environment. By clicking here you can directly access the estate’s online shop.

Guests of the Casa nel Castello have a 10% discount on all activities offered by the Estate. To take advantage of the activities, reservations are required.

Tenuta Casadei

By clicking on the link you can download the PDF with a summary of all the activities proposed in the vineyard. Tenuta Casadei is much more than a winery, it is an experience that combines culture, nature and the love of wine, making it an essential destination for those seeking authenticity and sustainability.

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