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Suvereto from the sky

I’m happy to share with your these pictures It is Suvereto in the splendid images made with the drone by Matteo Bechelli, in art @mettiubeche. If you love photos and videos from the sky, I suggest you follow his profile through which you can fly over the Etruscan coast and discover the beautiful Tuscan coast that opens up in front of Suvereto. The images you will find are really beautiful and I’m sure they will immediately make you want to pack your suitcase and leave!

This unexpected gift made me understand that the work to enhance the territory that I am carrying out really makes sense if it creates sharing, enthusiasm and new projects in others as well. In the first photo below you can see La Casa nel Castello with its garden! I have also highlighted the main landmarks of the country.

In the other photos, however, you can see the main door, the surroundings of the village, the beautiful countryside that surrounds the village and the Rocca degli Aldobrandeschi!

73 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione star_border If you want to know more about the Rocca, I suggest you read this post.

129 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione star_border To see the complete video of the drone instead you can go directly to the page dedicated to Suvereto and its surroundings.

Here are highlighted all the most important landmarks of Suvereto .. and the House in the Castle circled in white.
Here you can see the parking lot, the main gate and the children’s playground just outside the walls.
A beautiful image of the Rocca and the Val di Cornia
The Rocca di Suvereto seen from above

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