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Lago dell’Accesa is a small lake surrounded by nature, with clear and crystalline waters and a depth of up to 50 meters. The history of the lake is ancient and mysterious and it has given rise to many legends. On its banks, remains of Etruscan settlements have been found.

Lago dell’Accesa over the centuries has also ignited the popular imagination that has given rise to numerous legends, mostly originating from its name (the lake that lights up), from its anomalous depth, from the presence of ancient Etruscan burials. Among the many legends we remember the one that tells of how in ancient times, in place of the lake there was a wheat field. The owner, disinterested in the celebrations in honor of S. Anna, protector of the reapers, forced his farmers to continue the work even on the day dedicated to her, July 26. The fact is that during the work, all the farmers and oxen were swallowed by the earth and in the same place the lake rose. Finally, the legend tells that in the summer nights sometimes the song of those poor farmers is still heard. (source:

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