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Extra virgin olive oil from Suvereto and visit to the Coppaio

Extravirgin Italian Olive Oil La Piastraia

If you want to buy high quality extra virgin olive oil and at the same time get to know the producers and a piece of the history of Suvereto, you must certainly organize a visit to the company sales point of the Pazzagli Orlando farm. If you want to go there, you need to make a reservation by contacting Patrizia on 335-5617486.

The fund is located in via San Leonardo, in the historic center, and is a real gem for villages lovers. In addition to shop, it is possible to combine a short visit to the Orciaia, once called Il CoppaioThis is the cellar where the jars – or pantiles – full of oil were kept. Once these rooms housed the laundry and the maturing room for agricultural and non-agricultural products. Currently, in addition to the company sales point, the fund is also a small museum of the family and of the history of Suvereto, containing registers, some panels on the history of the Suvereto olive tree and curiosities collected by the Pazzagli family over the centuries. Observe the old cistern in the second room.. a plate shows the year of construction.. and dates back to 1700.

For Patrizia and Orlando Pazzagli, the passion for the territory, the dedication and love for their land are reflected in equal measure both in the oil they produce and in the small and charming shop.

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