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When guests become friends

One of the reasons that prompted me to rent the house and open it to guests is the opportunity to meet new people and share with them the love for Tuscany, for the beautiful Etruscan Coast and for home decor!

As anyone who follows La Casa nel Castello also on Instagram knows, I love sharing original and creative ideas related to furniture, furniture and accessories relooking and mise en place. I have been lucky enough to know, in person or virtually, many other passionate and creative women, who create content of high value or of great inspiration for me.

When Francesca, @kikka_per, chose La Casa nel Castello for her vacation I was so happy! Happy to share my little world with such a creative person. I invite you to look at her beautiful plates, you will not be disappointed!

Even in Suvereto with a few elements, paper napkins and two hand-made pot holders, she was able to create a cute and original mise en place and turned me the photos that I publish here.

My hope is to be able to host more and more women belonging to this magical creative community, so that La Casa nel Castello can become a place that also belongs to your memories! I wait for you!

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